Complete The Look!

You’re probably wondering - where are all the matching pillows, shams and sheet sets to go with the Imli Duvet Covers??  Well, it’s a good question.  Emily thought long and hard about designing  complementary products to sell alongside the covers but decided against it – for now. 

Imli duvet covers look best with crisp white sheets. When you think about how many different mattress sizes there are, and how many retailers are selling good quality white sheets, Emily thought; why add another white sheet set to the saturated market? But we get it - not all white sheets are the same.  So, below are a couple of Emily’s recommendations for sheets

Seen in the picture: Pottery Barn Sheets

Emily’s approach to making a bed look great is pretty simple. Gone are the days of endless layers of accent pillows 4’ deep -  with sham after sham, in front of pillow after pillow. The Imli Duvet Covers are the ‘Heroes’ on the bed, and the sheets and accent pillows should play supporting roles.    

Here are four simple steps explaining how Emily likes to make a bed: 

  • Start with crisp white flat and fitted sheets.
  • Cover 2 sleeping pillows (one per side) in crisp white pillowcases that match your sheets.
  • Layer on top of the sleeping pillows, 2 textured white shams in either Standard, King or Euro size depending on your preference and size of bed (click here for some recommended shams)
  • Then add 3-5 smaller accent pillows in front of the sleeping pillows and shams. Sizes of these pillows will vary but are likely going to be either 22”x22” or 20”x20” in the back with a similar sized pillow or a lumbar pillow in front (these are the long rectangular pillows). Go for natural fabrics like mud cloth, cactus silk, linen and cotton for the pillows and don’t be afraid to mix in some different colours and patterns. 

See some of Emily’s pillow combinations below to demonstrate the looks she loves.    

The Shakti Collection

Leaf Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown:

Top Image - Elte Dot Pillow ; Snob Mudcloth Black & White Stripe Pillow and Kuba Natural Lumbar Black Pillow 

Bottom Image - Elte Dot PillowSnob Black & White Stripe Pillow and Etsy Light Brown Rust and White Chevrons Pillow 

Bloom Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown:

Top Image - Elte Linen Pillow ; VdeV Painterbox Cushion ; & VdeV Playa Cushion

Bottom Image - Serena & Lily Corfu Pillow ; Elte Mudcloth Dot Pillow ; & Cotton Geometric Lumbar Pillow 

Wave Print Duvet Cover

Pillows Shown:

Top Image - Elte Linen Pillow & Snob Silk Velvet IKAT Blue and Yellow Square Pillow

Bottom Image -Elte Linen Pillow & VdeV Petra Cushion 


River Print Duvet Cover

Pillows Shown:

Top Image (for the front side of the print) - Elte African Mudcloth Pillow ; Elte Grey Boho Linen Pillow ; & Turquoise Dark Aqua Pattern Pillow 

Bottom Image (for the back side of the print) - Elte Mudcloth Dot Pillow & Snob Mudcloth Stripe Pillow

Emily Flower Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown:

Top Image - Elte Linen Pillow ; Chairish Chartreuse Velvet & Linen Panel Pillows ; & Elte Mudcloth Tye-Dye Pillow 

Bottom Image - Chairish Indigo Blue Batik Accents Pillow & Serena & Lily Addie Stripe Tassel Pillow

The Barn Collection Looks 

Crown Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown:

Ocean Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown:
Top Image - Serena & Lily Corfu Pillow : Ivory & Vintage Indigo and Serena & Lily Catana Pillow  
Bottom Image - Corfu Pillow Ivory & Coastal Blue and Serena & Lily Tassel Pillow

Path Print Duvet Cover 

Pillows Shown: Homies Indigo & White Lumbar Pillow and Etsy Grain Sack Pillow

Want more pillow recommendations?: See Imli's Pinterest board

Have fun styling your beds!