About Us

Emily photographed by: Sian Richards


Imli is the brainchild of Emily Griffin, Principal of Toronto based Interior Design firm, Griffin Houghton. After sourcing endlessly for colourful bedding that was affordable for both her home and her clients, she decided to design and develop a line of duvet covers. She fell in love with Indian cotton and the block printed fabrics she saw while travelling to the country on several occasions, and decided there was a real opportunity to deliver quality, colourful, patterned duvet covers to the market.  

On a trip to India in 2017, she decided to try her hand at designing a collection of duvet covers and created what is now called The Barn Collection. It was designed for the sleeping loft at her Barn on Balsam Lake, Ontario. The duvet covers were a huge hit with family and friends, and many years later they still hold up in terms of quality and colour, even after countless washes. Check out the video of Emily’s barn which shows the Barn Collection featured in the loft.

Then on her 50th birthday in 2019, she planned another trip to India with her three oldest friends and carved out a couple days in Jaipur to put together another collection which is now called The Shakti Collection, and Imli as a brand was born. Imli literally means “tamarind”, but it is how her Indian friends pronounce her name there as well so it just felt right.

In a stroke of pure luck, Emily was speaking at the Interior Design Show in Toronto in January 2020 when Purnima Kajal was walking by the stage and stopped to hear her presentation on Colour. A native of India, Purnima had just moved to Canada with her Jaipurian husband and was looking to sink her teeth into interior design. She introduced herself to Emily after the presentation and the rest is history. Purnima is the engine that runs Imli – she is photographer extraordinaire, social media genius, and all around master of getting shit done! 




Logo Design: Shauna Rae