The Shakti Collection Duvet Covers

The Shakti Collection was designed by Emily while travelling to India with Banyan Tours in 2019 and hiking their Shakti Kumaon offering in the Himalayas. The trip, with Emily’s three oldest friends in celebration of their joint 50ths, was magical and life changing.  Emily named it the Shakti Collection as a reminder of what had ultimately inspired the designs.  

The colours in this collection are White, Indigo blue, Turquoise, Mustard Yellow and Grey.  The patterns in this collection range from traditional Floral motifs and Bloom prints, to modern Graphic prints.  The ‘Emily Flower’ in mustard is seen throughout the Shakti Collection and was named that by the block printers in Jaipur when Emily picked the print out of a pile of patterns and fell in love with it immediately.